July special: $39 every tuesday! $45 sessions everyday!



Pricing and packages

Any purchase of 20 or more sessions, including packages is priced at $40/session.  A second same day session can be purchased for just $20!  July special $39 on tuesday and $45 Every day!!!!

$39 1st Session Or 3 for $125. for new clients only.

*We recommend at least 3 sessions for you to see the whole body benefits of the chamber!

Monthly umlimited           $499 per month

Unlimited use of our Cryosauna each month!  


Fire and ice
$49 per session

You can purchase just one or as many as you like!



family monthly unlimited                                $599 per month

Unlimited use for the whole family all month.



Energy                               $140 for 3 sessions

Three sessions will let you see the whole body benefits of our Cryosauna.



Work out warrior              $360 2 sessions/week Per month

This package gives you 2 sessions per week each month. Must be used within 1 month.



Performance                       10 Treatments for $45/Session

Can be used anytime!                *Purchase 20 sessions for $40/session!                               


Fire package                         $190 per month

This package gives you one session per week each month.