How does it work?

Cryosense combines cold and heat to improve health and well-being, sports injuries, and even beauty!  Each session in the cabin will last three minutes. Your body will be heated with infrared heat to 176 degrees then cooled to -320.8 degrees with liquid nitrogen, and then heated back up again!  You won't leave cold! This chamber provides the best tissue healing/contrast bath therapy available!  During your session, there will be a screen where you are able to watch the temperature increase, decrease, and then increase again.  Staff will also be there during the whole session to monitor as well.

What does it help?

The Cyrosense has eight different programs to choose from.

  1. Sport Regeneration and muscle development: Far-reaching, long lasting effects designed for people and sports professionals who make high demands on their bodies and require high muscle tone. Post-competition recovery and pre-training preparation

  2. Firming: Firm, strengthens, and improves circulation helping eliminate the retention of liquids and toxins accumulated during everyday life.

  3.  Insomnia: Excellent for persons who find it difficult to sleep or suffer from chronic fatigue. Feeling of well-being after each session. Treatment would be given in the evening.

  4. Burns Calories: Helps to activate your metabolism, and ideal for encouraging a change of pace or lifestyle. Long-lasting effects.

  5. Pain: Helps smooth the blood flow and reduces swelling  as blood circulation is stimulated. The cold acts as a soothing agent and helps the muscles.

  6. Improves tired legs: Decongests and improves circulation by concentrating on the lower limbs to improve micro-circulation and blood flow.

  7. Anti-Aging: Facilitates the elimination of toxins. Thermal cyrotherapy is presented in a heat-cold dual-phase program that speeds up and boosts the effects of cyrotherapy. Skin Oxygenation is increased.

  8. Anti-Stress: Facilitates a natural release of serotonins and endorphins producing a state of well-being.

Will it hurt?

No! Each session is quick and comfortable, and although it may seem hard to believe because of the extreme cold, it is a really pleasurable experience!